Psalm 16, XLP

Guard me, O Elohim, for I have taken refuge in You.

I have said to The-One-Of-Transcendent-Being, You are my Adonai; my goodness is nothing apart from You.

The holy, priestly ones who are in the True Land – the majestic nobles in whom is all My delight.

Those who hasten after loves other than You will have sorrow multiplied

I will not give up lifeblood to other lords as an offering; nor will I take up their names upon my lips.

The-One-Of-Transcendent-Being, You are The Portion of my inheritance and my cup! You secure my lot!

The lot lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; yes, an attractive inheritance is Who I have.

I shall bless The-One-Of-Transcendent-Being, Who advises me; even in the night times He reforms my inner being.

I resemble The-One-Of-Transcendent-Being, Who is faced continually before me (as cruciformed tribes facing each side of The Tent in the wilderness)!

I shall not be shaken, because He is right here!

Thus, my inner man is glad and rejoices! My glory, even my flesh, shall trustingly settle down resting where He rests.

For you will not leave my soul with its whole life in this place of the dead;

Nor shall You allow Your Faithful One to see decay in the pit.

You make me intimately know The Way of Life!

Eden’s multiplied joy is Your Face and Presence!

Eden’s delight is always ever with You right here!

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