Seeing out from the Bible’s Door

The Door / The Opening / The Bible’s Design for Reversals

It seems fitting that my first post focus on the vision God gave me of Jesus on the cross. It changed everything by revealing everything. The vision was an overlay of multiple things all in the same instance. In one view, it was Jesus dead on the cross with a hole in His side. In another view, it was Adam in a death-like sleep with a hole in his side. Moreover, I was there in the stuff that came out from the hole. God was taking this “place of death stuff” and forming me. As I watched entranced, my initially thought was, “Am I Eve?” And the response I received was not like how the Holy Spirit talks. This was Another Voice that penetrated and flowed through everything, like how a river flows over rocks. He said, “This is My Son”.

Adam going into the death-like sleep happened before there was sin; Jesus, Who knew no sin, lowered Himself even to death on a cross. Both had an opening in their side. Up out from that hole, each receives their Divinely formed complement. I am composed therein somehow, where the full-giving of Jesus unto death is my very crucified living reality. What He is at the heart of the place of His full giving unto death, I live out from as a composition.

Since that vision, my understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures has been radically reoriented around this crucified life reality. I have come to see this crucified life constitution in the warp and woof of the Bible’s literary styles through reoccurring patterns. Romans 11:36 says that all things are from Him and through Him and to Him. This includes the Hebrew Scriptures that were recorded, written down, and composed by people who had the Spirit of Messiah within (1 Peter 1:11).

That is why the amazing Biblical stories happened. Like my vision, some people in history became conformable to the Messiah’s Spirit of Life. Then by Him being Who He is in that situation through people, the world’s default was overridden. The Bible stories exist as a testimony of this Spirit of Jesus. They specifically focus on that trajectory I saw of suffering and glories (Luke 24:26-27 and 1 Peter 1:11 again). The suffering aspect is a trajectory of self-lowering through situations. The glories aspect is the trajectory of Jesus’ overcoming crucified life sprouting up through people in situations: Bible stories then and now.

You might think I am talking about types and shadows. No, but also yes in a certain way. The current understanding of types and shadows limits them to merely predicting something in the New Testament era. Others would further limit this to only those things we can understand from the New Testament, while at the same time admitting that they have a very incomplete understanding of how the New Testament authors interpreted the Hebrew Scriptures. In other words, present scholarship admits the generally accepted modern method of interpretation is not the same as the original method that composed the same Scriptures.

To me, that popular view taught in many places proceeds out from a disconnect, perhaps even as a lack of faith. Nevertheless, what my vision revealed was, and is, the original inspiration that focuses on beholding and contemplating a place of death, rest, cessation, and the like in the Hebrew Scriptures. Then out from that situation beheld the narrative flips unto life, release, healing and newness. These are reversals that happen at an opening, at a door, at a gate, often a low place, and usually include the two-part trajectory Jesus described as “suffering” and “glory”. The Holy Spirit worded it this way for me: “One-way into death; one-way out with life”.

That is the doorway, and why all those various openings are in the Hebrew Bible. This explains even the strange stories as pictures of the cross, where the Presence of God is “taken over” or abused by people, but in that very destruction, neglect, and trampling, God shows Who He is by expressing What Kind He is in the situation. Beholding this reality inverts situations and reforms us out from death into the crucified living reality of this One Son. Capturing the seed-cycle trajectories into your heart, contemplating the entering in and sprouting up of those stories, puts us face to face with the beauty of the One Who inspired a thousand Biblical accounts! This makes the Holy Spirit the Guide in a very practical way.

I call these TaNaK Jesus Pictures. They reveal an anointing of condensed crushed living essence, just like what we see as the needed fuel for the day-to-day operations for the temple-tent in the midst of a people. Seed-bearing things were crushed and condensed to produce the oil that gives itself up to burning, so that others can see by the light. The same is true for the bread and wine of the table and for the incense of the golden altar. Even the evening and morning sacrifice of the lamb being entirely translated into a heavenly smoke covering over the people also shows us how God sees us through that covering. Correspondingly, that is why Balaam could only bless Israel from that heavenly point of view.

The story of Balaam is in Numbers 23-24. Take the time to understand the shape of Israel’s encampment in Numbers 2 as it branched off from each façade of the tent. Three times from three different mountain vantage points Balaam tires to curse Israel. Each time Balaam looks down on these various condensed crucified life expressions, a reversal happens; and what was meant for bad ends up being good. You can write off what you see like modern scholarship tends to do in a state of disbelief. Or you can join Paul in his “one things”, and thereby simply accept that Paul literally and narrowly lived and taught out from this “one way” of seeing the Hebrew Scriptures as I just described. What do I mean?

In the Greek, 1 Corinthians 2:2 literally says that the only thing Paul has decided to “see the meaning of” in and among the Corinthians is Jesus Christ as already crucified in an ongoing way. Likewise in Galatians 6:14, the only boast Paul has is this cross reality of Jesus Christ that has made him unflinching to the world and the world unenticing to him in the same ongoing crucified way. Furthermore, it is the same “one thing” he does in Philippians 3:10-16 in being made conformable to Jesus’ death. You can see Paul clearly restate the suffering and glory trajectories that go away from and come unto, because he had just written of them in Philippians 2:5-11 as the basis for the church’s regulating mindset.

As I have seen, I merely write, inviting you to look over my shoulder to the Source in the hope that the Way of the One I saw, becomes the crucified living way whirling in you too. The TaNaK Jesus Pictures and Patterns are real, a living nourishment hidden in the body of the Hebrew Scriptures since their original formulation and subsequent composition. The core template of the Biblical life design – circle, horizontal line, vertical line – form a plug-in spot for us, like a branch grafting port into a trunk, so that the crucified living reality in Him becomes the crucified living reality in us. Thus, the Original Design Intent of Genesis 1:26, vessels of His Image and Likeness, enter back into their fulfillment.

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